Beauty Kitchen “Love Me Cinnamon” Wonder Balm….

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I have a really “cute” little product to share with you today, and it’s one that was in my Latest in Beauty box by Jane Cunningham aka British Beauty Blogger. The Love Me  Cinnamon Wonder Balm is made by a brand that is new to me, Beauty Kitchen. They specialise in making 100% natural beauty products, which I love, and everything is freshly made in the UK.


This lovely little tin with it’s very retro look contains the most beautiful softening balm.  Cocoa butter, sweet cinnamon, shea butter and coconut oil are just some of the natural ingredients in the balm, there are no parabens, no sulphates and no synthetic perfume but, it does contain beeswax so is not suitable for Vegans. 

Simply pop the little tin into your handbag or pocket for use on your lips or cuticles or any other dry bits should they become dry during the day while out and about. I keep mine beside me on my side table to use as and when I need too. It softens and smooths dry chapped lips, and also hydrates my dry cuticles and nails after they have been in water for a while. The Wonder Balm is available in 3 delicious flavours, Inspire Me Citrus, Refresh Me Minty and Love Me Cinnamon. A really gorgeous hydrating balm and only £2.99 HERE 

Here’s a little tip for using the Wonder Balm too, just apply some balm to the lips then take a cotton bud and rub gently to exfoliate them. 







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