Erborian Korean Skin Therapy CC Creme….

Hello lovelies, welcome to Elegant Ageless Beauty.

As regular readers will know I purchased my first British Beauty Blogger Dream Box IV a couple of weeks ago, and today I thought I would share with you just one of the many gorgeous products within. 


The Erborian Korean Skin Therapy CC Cream is a Korean French collaboration, giving high-definition radiance to the skin while also providing the goodness of skincare. The CC cream can be worn alone or as primer for foundation. It adjusts itself to your own skintone, so one shade is suitable for all. To test for this review I used it alone.


It took me two goes to get this CC cream right. When I applied some product to the back of my hand I noticed how white the CC cream is, I panicked a bit thinking I wouldn’t be able to use it because it was too light. But I knew Jane Cunningham AKA British Beauty Blogger wouldn’t put products into her box that we all couldn’t use, so I carried on and applied  the CC cream onto my skin. As I was blending, it was changing colour and adapting itself to my skin tone! I loved it to begin with, then throughout the day I began to hate it. My skin was taking on a very orange look to it, the CC cream appeared to be oxidizing on my skin. So I took a look at the Erborian website and read up about said CC cream’s ingredients. It contains Tiger Grass, which is an anti-inflammatory and promotes healing, there’s honey extract to soften the skin and Vitamin E to protect from free radicals. So with all these lovely ingredients I thought I’d try the CC cream again this time without moisturising my skin. I also applied it using a brush rather than my blending sponge, which I used first time around. Yes, that worked! My skin looked brighter and a lot smoother, pores were less noticeable and after a couple of hours wear it hadn’t oxidized like before. So the trick for me is not to use moisturiser before applying the CC cream. It does moisturise my dry skin very well, there are no dry patches, and even with taking it right under my eyes it didn’t sink into any lines.  I also didn’t need to use powder after applying or during the day either. 

Erborian CC cream can be found HERE  Please check out British Beauty Blogger too just HERE and you have never tried a beauty box, you should check out Latest in Beauty. There is no subscription with this one you simply choose the box you want AND you can even make up your own box to fit your budget! HERE  




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