MUA Makeup Academy Luxe Palette in “Utopia”

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Regular visitors to EAB will know that I’m a huge fan of MUA Makeup Academy, I just love their palettes! Today I am sharing with you a new one that the brand have added to their range for Autumn/Winter, and its a big WOW for me, its beautiful! There are two new eyeshadow palettes in the MUA Luxe range, the one I am sharing with you is called “Utopia” with the other called “Paradise”


The palette comes in lovely black and gold cardboard packaging. Other palettes that I have from another brand that have come inside a cardboard sleeve I’ve thrown the packaging into the recycling bin, but this one I think I will keep in its box. It’s rather pretty.


The palette is black with gold branding as is usual with MUA Luxe, BUT this is considerably smaller than any other MUA palette. All good things come in small packages, isn’t that what they say?


Although this is a 10 shade eyeshadow palette it is at least half the size of other MUA palettes, BUT you still get a lot of product within. As you can see from the photo, each eyeshadow is not separated by single pans, they are as one and almost merged, I think that this makes the palette look really classy and more in keeping with a high-end eyeshadow palette. The “Utopia” is a palette full of utter gorgeousness, the eyeshadows are all metallic silky eyeshadows. Buttery soft and so easy to blend, the pigmentation is better than anything else I have from MUA Luxe, now there’s a statement!


These are first 5 swatches in the palette, you have a beautiful champagne for highlighting, with gorgeous coppers and golds too.


The next 5 shades there are some brown shades, a dark brown is in there, along with bronze, rose gold, taupe and a light brown.

 I think that this palette is a “must have” for Autumn and Winter and also for Christmas time too, it is just so beautiful! The MUA Luxe Palette in Utopia is only £8.00 HERE

Mark bought me this palette, it was in no way sent to me for review. Thank you for reading today.




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