MUA Makeup Academy Skin Define Hydro Primer

Hello again my loves, Welcome back to Elegant Ageless Beauty.

I’m back today with my thoughts on another new product by MUA Makeup Academy, it’s from the Skin Define Hydro range which is new for Autumn/Winter.


Meet the Skin Define Hydro Primer. I’ve got 3 primers in my makeup collection already from various brands, so did I really need this one? Well yes I did and I’m so glad I bought it. The jar is plastic, but looks like glass and I do like the peach and white labelling, although it does look rather like a clinical product instead of a cosmetic product, but don’t let the looks deceive you.


When I first poked my finger into this jar, the product felt like a “nearly set jelly” it actually wobbles like a jelly when you bounce your finger on it! I proceeded to scoop out the product to apply it to my face and it feels cool to the touch, it was still looking jelly like on my finger and I was a bit concerned that this wouldn’t smooth over my skin. But, oh my word I’ve never used a primer like it! As I was applying the jelly to my face it turned into a very light and cooling serum like consistency and smoothed over perfectly. It also smells good too, a fresh aloe fragrance. It didn’t form into little “balls” like some primers do and it doesn’t have that silicon feel to it either, it certainly made my skin feel as though it’s able to breathe rather than feeling clogged. Once it had dried, my skin looked smooth and ready for foundation. I didn’t see much of a difference in the size of my pores, but I think that’s got more to do with the ageing process rather than this lovely product, saying that I have a small line above my lips that was less noticeable. I applied my Skin Define Hydro Foundation over the top of the primer, and they marry together really well. This time I applied it with my fingers to see if the primer made any difference to the application of the foundation. (If you read my Hydro Foundation post HERE you will know that it didn’t apply too well for me using my fingers) But it went on much better, without any streaks and I could move it across my skin easier too. This really is a lovely under makeup primer and it’s just £5.00 from the MUA Makeup Academy website  (Product is no longer available)

Thank you for reading today. I hope you will come back soon for more “new stuff” from MUA.




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