Barbara Hoffman Brush Cleaning Soap….

Hello and welcome back to Elegant Ageless Beauty.

I usually clean my makeup brushes with any shampoo that I’ve got on the go, but I’ve been using a proper brush cleaner for the job recently. I purchased a Brush Cleaning Soap by Barbara Hoffman from the **Beauty Crowd website.


The soap is packaged in a neat lightweight aluminium tin with a screw top lid, and it’s about the size of your normal bar of hand soap. The labelling is in German there are instructions in English inside with the soap. The soap is suitable for both real bristle and synthetic bristle too. All my brushes are synthetic so I can only give you my view of the soap on those.

I took the soap out of the tin and ran under warm water, I then wet my brush and swirled it into the soap. It doesn’t give a lot of lather but it really does go deep into the bristles like my shampoo did. As I was using it I noticed a lovely citrus lemon fragrance coming off the soap, absolutely gorgeous smell to be honest. Anyway, this brush cleaning soap cleaned my brushes and my Real Techniques sponge really well, and it was so easy to rinse out too. It left all clean items smelling fresh and lemony, including my hands, which incidentally did feel a bit dry from the soap afterwards, but nothing a bit of my hand cream couldn’t sort out. Next morning, after I had left my brushes drying flat overnight I checked to see just how they had dried, wow they were so soft! and they still smelled citrusy fresh and clean. As for my sponge, it was super clean and fresh too. The Barbara Hoffman Brush Cleaning Soap is £6.95 from HERE would I re-purchase it? I’ll see how long this lasts with my regular weekly brush cleaning before I decide on that.

Thank you for reading today my lovelies.




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