Runway Eyes Palette by Milani Cosmetics….

Hello again lovelies, thank you for coming back to Elegant Ageless Beauty.

Today I have for you my thoughts of the Runway Eyes Palette by Milani Cosmetics that I purchased recently.


This is the “Fashionista Pinks” collection. It’s a cute little palette containing all varying shades of shimmery/frosted pink eyeshadows. The clear lid has the branding in pretty gold.


I love how each eyeshadow is in lovely little “domed” strips. Another thing that got me excited to try this palette is that it can be used dry or wet. But my lovelies, looks can be deceiving. Just because something looks beautiful on the outside doesn’t mean it’s beautiful on the inside. This Runway Eyes palette really didn’t “take off” for me. The colour payoff is non-existent, it just wouldn’t load onto my brush, I mean at all! I tried it wet too, still no payoff. I tried the sponge applicator, which did accept some eyeshadow, but it wouldn’t apply to my eyes, I tried building up the colour but to no avail. I tried every single shade in the palette but I was just wasting my time. I am so upset, I have wanted to try Milani Cosmetics for a while, it’s a good job a lot of money hasn’t gone to waste. I’ve a few more Milani products to try so I’m keeping my fingers crossed that they aren’t the same as this one.

Sorry I’ve been a Negative Nellie with this review , but I do have to be honest with you, I would never tell you that something is good for me when it isn’t, however it might be just what you are looking for, it might work for you. There are many gorgeous products available on the brand new Milani UK website, with FREE delivery on orders of £20 plus HERE



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