Coming Soon!!….Runway Eyes Fashion Shadows by Milani…

Hello lovely people!

Just a quick one for now to tell you about a gorgeous new eyeshadow palette I’m trying today, and then I’ll come back soon with my thoughts and also some swatches too.


This is the Runway Eyes Fashion Shadows by Milani that I purchased from Beauty Crowd, along with a few other products from the same brand. So far, what do I think? Well, I love the packaging, I love the look of the palette and how each eyeshadow is in cute little strips and I adore the colours, as regular readers of Elegant Ageless Beauty will know I do love a bit of pink!

So, I’m using this today and I shall get back to you soon with my final thoughts. In the meantime check out the Beauty Crowd website Here** where you will find beauty and colour products from brands not often seen here in the UK, it really is a One Stop Shop for makeup junkies!

Thank You for stopping by today.



** affiliate link



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