Barbara Hoffman Makeup Brushes….

Hello again lovelies!

I am sharing with you today some utterly beautiful face makeup brushes by Barbara Hoffman which I purchased from Beauty Crowd. Barbara Hoffman is a German brand specialising in beauty tools and accessories since 1985.


So from the left is: Silver Acrylic Angular Blush Brush , Silver Acrylic Powder Brush small and the Silver Acrylic Flat Foundation Brush. Let me go into each one in detail.


The round flat foundation brush has short dense synthetic bristles, it’s so soft and didn’t feel scratchy on my skin while I was applying my foundation. The silver handle itself is short which, for me gave a lot more control of the brush during application. The short angled brush head made the blending around my eyes and nose easier too. I also used this brush to blend in my under eye concealer, and it is perfect for that job!


The small Silver Acrylic Powder Brush, is fabulous for applying your face powder to set your foundation. The very soft synthetic bristles “grips” the product until you apply it to the skin, then buffs it perfectly for a flawless finish. It’s also fabulous for using with your bronzing powders too! Again the short silver handles gave me absolute control and I think this brush is going to become a favourite very quickly.


The Silver Acrylic Angular Blusher Brush, another perfect brush from Barbara Hoffman. Once again it has very soft synthetic bristles and gives perfect application of powder blush, and with it being angled too, is great for contouring. I haven’t used it for contouring as I rarely contour, but this brush is making me want to do it more. This brush really did make applying blusher easy peasy this morning.

I think you can see that I rather like these brushes. Not only is the performance of them superb, the look of them is stunning too! I love the silver and acrylic handles, and I love the length of them, I think I would rather like to try the eye brushes next. I have a couple more products by Barbara Hoffman to share with you soon, it’s going to be a couple of brush cleaners, so I hope you will come back again soon. You can find Barbara Hoffman brushes HERE.

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