Bell Cosmetics Hypoallergenic Skin Camouflage Concealer….

Hello again beauties!

I’ve recently discovered Bell Hypoallergenic Cosmetics, makeup for sensitive skin. Believe me you don’t have to have sensitive skin to enjoy this brand, from what I’ve used so far I can see it becoming incredibly popular! Bell Cosmetics have everything going for them in my book, they are cruelty free, vegan/vegetarian friendly, Dermatologist approved and they won’t break the bank either, and I found them on the fabulous website (the place to be for all your beauty and makeup needs) Beauty Crowd.


I purchased a couple of Bell Cosmetics products from Beauty Crowd, and this is the first one that I’m sharing with you, it’s the Skin Camouflage & Concealer. Pretty little palette in shiny black with the branding in silver (I think it’s silver!) It holds 2 shades of beige concealer which you can customise to your own needs when concealing any blemishes and imperfections, a green corrector which helps to hide spider/thread veins and any redness you have and there’s a salmon pink shade to help with concealing darkness under the eyes, adding lightness. I applied my usual foundation before adding the concealer and correctors.

IMG_5626The four separate creams are really lovely and soft which I applied with my fingers, and from the warmth of my digits the creams seemed to become even easier to blend onto the skin. I have a bit of darkness on the inner corners of my eyes, so I applied the pink corrector, I don’t have a lot of  redness, only on the chin and a couple of broken capillaries on my left cheek, I applied the green corrector. I do have a few spots at the moment so I used the beige concealer to cover them. I then used a powder to set everything in place. During the day I kept an eye on my makeup to make sure that everything that I corrected and concealed was still just that. None of the correctors had sunken into the pores on my cheeks or into the lines of my eyes and my spots weren’t glowing like a beacon! Some correctors that I’ve used in the past did have a drying effect on my skin, but with the Bell  Cosmetics Hypoallergenic Camouflage Concealer I didn’t get any of that.  For just £5.95 it’s great value for great skin and you can find it HERE on Beauty Crowd, along with other superb makeup and beauty brands. NO LONGER AVAILABLE ON BEAUTY CROWD, HOWEVER I HAVE FOUND IT ON AMAZONUK HERE 


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