3 Highlighter Palette from Makeup Revolution…My Thoughts…

Hello again lovely people!

I’ve come back to let you know my thoughts of the 3 Highlighter Palette from Makeup Revolution that I had for my birthday back in April. IMG_3766 (2)

Encased in the beautiful shiny piano black palette are 3 beautiful highlighting powders that are very pigmented, Golden Lights, Peach Lights and Pink Lights. Just touch the product lightly to get beautiful shimmer and highlight, this is just perfect for “strobing” which is the new word in highlighting. Highlight the top of the cheekbones, down the centre of the nose, the cupid’s bow and the inside corner of the eyes too, and don’t forget just under the eyebrow.



I mainly use the Peach Lights on my face as it’s more subtle for my age, and although I’ve specified the places to highlight above, I usually just place mine above my cheekbones, again this is because it’s suits me better as an older woman. These highlighters will also work well as a pretty eyeshadow, they blend so nicely. If you only like just one shade in the highlight palette however, then you can buy each shade separately for £3.00 each. The 3 powder Highlighting Palette from Makeup Revolution is just £8.00 from HERE or from your local high street Superdrug, or Superdrug online HERE

Thank You for stopping by today.




7 comments on “3 Highlighter Palette from Makeup Revolution…My Thoughts…

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    • Hi Kathleen. MasterCard is global so I would think you should be ok, but I can check for you. In the meantime, did you know you can buy Makeup Revolution from your Ulta stores?

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