Eylure Pro-Lash Individual Eyelashes: The Trial…..

Hello again lovelies, welcome back to Elegant Ageless Beauty.

I have had a box of individual false lashes since April, so I thought I really ought to get around to trying them out. I’ve a couple of pairs of strip lashes but they look horrendous on me, with my now hooded by age eyes, so when me and Mark went into Superdrug I just had to grab a set of individuals.


The Eylure Pro-Lash Fine to Full Individual lashes are meant to have long-lasting wear, you can wear them for a couple of weeks at least apparently, I’ll see I’m going to apply them and see how easy/hard they are to apply, how long they last. Unlike strip lashes, you apply these on top of your natural lashes, they don’t actually touch the skin of the eyelid at all. You also have to apply them to clean eyelashes, so they go on before makeup.

Well here goes wish me luck, I’ll be back soon with my thoughts and hopefully thicker looking eyelashes too!  You can see the whole range of Eylure Pro-Lash strip and individual eyelashes HERE



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