A Lovely Surprise!….

Hello again lovelies!


So, this pretty pink packet arrived addressed to Mark over the weekend. He was out when the post lady delivered it, much to my annoyance, I thought what has he been ordering now without telling me! A bit presumptuous of me I know, but I thought it would be for me only because it’s pink! I had to wait until he got home about an hour later to find out what was inside.


When he got home and we had unpacked the shopping, he opened the pretty pink package and he was actually just as surprised as me to find that the wonderful Karla Powell has sent me 3 of her lip brushes from her Karla Brushes collection. Karla Powell, if you don’t know is a fabulous makeup artist in her own right, and also makeup artist for MUA Makeup Academy.


She even took the time to write me a lovely message inside the lid of the box. Aren’t the brushes packaged so beautifully though? I love the pink and black. Thank You so much Karla for such a beautiful gift, I’m very touched and so grateful.

As I said Karla works for MUA Makeup Academy as their makeup artist, she makes wonderful tutorials for their blog which are so easy follow. Take a look at what she did for a Summer Nights Out Makeup HERE

You can take a look at Karla’s work as a makeup artist in her own right, and also purchase her lip brushes HERE.

Thank you for stopping by today.



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