It Makes Me Blush – All About Cream Blush Palette by Makeup Revolution….

Hello again lovelies.

So I’m back with my thoughts on the Makeup Revolution blusher palette All About Cream. It’s exactly as it says on the palette they are cream blushers and yes I love them!


Such gorgeous colours in the palette made me want this palette A LOT! Because they are cream blushers made me want this palette, because there are 8 blushers made me want this palette too. I prefer cream blush, I think they are better for my age I also feel I have more control over how much blusher goes onto my skin. Let’s not forget that huge mirror in the lid too, you can do your full makeup in front of this!


The colours are just beautiful! They will suit any skintone at any time of the year. There are beautiful warm coral and apricot shades with my favourite pink tones too. All the blushers are highly pigmented and so rich and creamy, you only have to just touch each colour lightly to get enough product to give you a pretty blush of colour on your cheeks, you can of course build up the colour to the intensity you want, they do blend really well too.


I can’t tell you the names of each shade because they don’t have any, but I hope you can see from my swatch the exact colours, and just how rich in pigment they are. So how long do they last? Well I wore the pink 3rd from right on a very hot sunny day to my Grandsons art exhibition, and I always put cream blush on after foundation (obvs) then I powder over the top to “seal” it onto my skin. With the heat and also the occasional hot flush I found that it lasted on my skin until I removed my makeup later that evening. Being a fairly matte blush, it didn’t emphasise the pores on my cheeks which is a bonus for me, if you want a bit of sheen then you can just add a touch of highlighter. Guess what? This blusher is great on the lips too, use a finger or a brush and you have a pretty matte lipstick!

For 8 beautiful blushers this palette is just £6.00 that’s about 75p each I think, from HERE This is a blush palette I really would recommend to my friends.

Thank You for stopping by today lovelies, have a great week!



6 comments on “It Makes Me Blush – All About Cream Blush Palette by Makeup Revolution….

  1. Just stumbled across your blog – and so happy to have found it! I’m always interested in reading reviews on on beauty products from a more mature perspective. I’m 34 but in the beauty blogging world, I sometimes feel that I’m double everyone else’s age. 🙂 I’m not usually a cream product fan, with the exception of eye shadows, but I’m becoming more open to cream products as of late. Fantastic review, these looks so pigmented!

    • Thank you for reading lovely! I was 53 when I started my blog I’m now 55 and I thought at my age my blog would never “take off” I was aiming it at 45 plus year old ladies, but I have many younger readers too now. As for the blushers, they are very pigmented and they blend beautifully too, you wouldn’t think that they are a low budget product. x

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