Flawless Matte Eyeshadow Palette by Makeup Revolution….My Thoughts….

Hello again lovely people!


So here are my thoughts on the Flawless Matte palette from Makeup Revolution. I love that the palette itself comes in a gold cardboard sleeve with the name of the palette embossed on the top.


The palette is of course the iconic piano black with the rose gold branding, which when you open has a huge mirror in the lid that you can see your whole face in, and is perfect for using to do a full face of makeup. (I can’t though, I need a magnifying mirror these days!)


32 gorgeous eyeshadows fill this beauty, and you don’t get the double ended sponge applicator in it either which actually doesn’t bother me as I never use it anyway. The shades range from your nudes and naturals from taupe to peach and pink shades, then you go into the dark browns and greys finally the charcoal and black for adding to that sexy smoky eye look.

I used the nudes and pinks for the eye look I wore when I went to my Grandson’s art exhibition. The eye shadows feel so creamy and buttery soft.


I’m not swatching all 32 shades, I don’t have long enough arms! So I’ve just swatched my 6 of the best. These eyeshadows, for a low budget brand aren’t at all chalky, although I did have a little fallout when applying, but I think I shall use less on my brush and build up the colour next time, maybe I shan’t get so much. They are easy to blend, perfect for using in the socket especially if like me you are a “hoody” (hooded eyes) when you really shouldn’t take anything sparkly above the socket, unless you are highlighting the brow of course! That’s just my opinion mind.

The Flawless Matte palette by Makeup Revolution is just £8.00 and you can get it HERE

See you next time




4 comments on “Flawless Matte Eyeshadow Palette by Makeup Revolution….My Thoughts….

  1. I absolutely love this palette, it’s gorgeous. Great review.
    I love Makeup Revolution and have a few items from the which I love 🙂
    Sharon x

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