Undress Your Skin Illuminating Liquid Glow from MUA Makeup Academy…

Hello again lovelies!

I thought I’d come back today and share with you my thoughts on the MUA Makeup Academy Undress Your Skin Illuminating Liquid Glow. It comes in 3 pretty shades. Champagne (a gorgeous golden highlight) Oyster (a pretty ivory highlight) and Pink Shimmer ( pretty pale pink highlight)


This highlighter/illuminator can be used in a few ways to perfect the look of the skin. It can be mixed with your chosen foundation to help give an all over glow. It can be applied to the skin under foundation like an illuminating primer using a brush, then apply foundation with the same brush to ensure the illuminator is properly blended. It too will give you an all over glow, you can then blot it down on areas that you don’t want to illuminate as much. Personally I applied powder down the center of my face, forehead and chin, I found it a little too much for me to have an all over glow. Use the illuminating liquid on top of your foundation just on the areas you want to highlight, for example the brow bone, cheekbones, cupids bow and down the nose too.

I’ve been thinking of other places you can add highlight to. How about the top of your shoulders and collarbone? It will look beautiful when wearing a pretty Summer dress or top, especially if you are tanned. Also, try some down the centre of your shins too when your legs are tanned.

MUA have really spoilt us with their range of highlighters for Summer, the Illuminating Liquid Glow from the Undress Your Skin range is just £4.00 and there is a new stick highlighting shimmer from the Luxe range just £4.00 too, and a new shade of highlighting powder also from the Undress Your Skin range has been added, it’s called Opalescent Amber and it’s just £3.00 Look out for a post from me soon when I shall be reviewing it. Check out all the highlighters Here.


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