Whipped Velvet Blush and Whipped Velvet Lip Lacquer by MUA Makeup Academy!!

Hello again my beauties!

I’m back again with my thoughts of 2 lovely MUA products that Mark bought me for my birthday back in April. They are the Whipped Velvet Blush & Lip Lacquer in the shade Rococo from the Luxe range at MUA.

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Let’s begin with the Whipped Velvet Blush. I must say first that this is now my go to blusher each time I do my makeup. It’s a cream product, but actually feels more like a mousse, because it’s whipped. It’s applies very sheer, almost to nothing when blended. But you can build it up until you get the intensity you want. It feels so silky and smooth when it’s on the skin too. I use my Pro-Base Prime & Conceal powder to set my foundation and blusher, and the blusher lasts until I remove my makeup. The Whipped Velvet Blush is perfect for the Spring/Summer when we want a lighter makeup, and you can get it HERE for just £3.00 where there are 5 pretty shades to choose from.


Left is the Whipped Velvet Lip Lacquer, Right is the Whipped Velvet Blush. Both in the shade ROCOCO.


The Whipped Velvet Lip Lacquer is also light and airy with a smooth and silky application. It applies very sheer and again can be built up to get the actual intensity you want. It has a sponge tipped applicator but you could use a lip brush if you prefer. It’s a lightweight formula, so it’s not sticky. I can feel that it’s on my lips when I’m wearing it though. I normally hate the feeling of a lip product on my lips, but with this being so light it doesn’t bother me, it just feels very creamy and smooth. Because it fairly matte, you will need to make sure your lips are smooth, so exfoliate before applying any matte lip product. The lip lacquers come in 5 pretty shades HERE for £3.00

Have you tried any of the MUA Luxe Whipped products? I’d love to know what you think.





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