A Palette-able Present from MUA!!

Hello lovelies!

I had the most wonderful surprise today. The postman came and handed me a package, I wasn’t expecting anything I hadn’t done any online shopping so I thought maybe Mark had, but it was in my name so clearly Mark hadn’t ordered anything either. When I opened it I gasped and said out loud “Oh my God!” Inside was a selection of gorgeous makeup.


Those wonderful people at MUA Makeup Academy sent me a gorgeous belated birthday gift. All the items they sent me are new on their website, and the eyeshadow palette is a limited edition especially for their own birthday. MUA was 5 years old on 20th April! I was absolutely taken aback when I received this lovely gift, I’m just a customer who loves their products and writes about them, I’m not one of their regular beauty bloggers at all. I would like to say a HUGE Thank You to everyone at MUA towers for my wonderful gift, I love everything you so generously sent me and I can’t wait to start using them.

I’ve been really lucky haven’t I?




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