Timeless Truth Bio Cellulose Bee Venom & Royal Jelly Miracle Mask from Beauty Masks Ltd..

Hello again lovelies!

I have been sent another  facial sheet mask from Angela at Timeless Truth to try. This one is the Bio Cellulose Bee Venom & Royal Jelly Miracle Mask.

IMG_1009 (2)

Bee venom in beauty products has for a long time intrigued me, although I’ve never used it until now. It actually dates back to ancient times when it was used in medicines to treat all kinds of ailments and conditions, and it’s now known as “natures Botox” Also in the mask is Royal Jelly, which I have used before in many bath products and I do love it. Royal Jelly is actually food for the queen bee in the hive and is also known as the “elixir of youth” So when you put these two wonderful and powerful natural ingredients together you get a product to stimulate the production of Collagen that helps to smooth, lift and tighten the skin. This bee venom and royal jelly mask is suitable for slack and aging skin, BUT PLEASE DON’T USE IT IF YOU ARE ALLERGIC TO BEE STING!

When I opened my sachet containing the mask I noticed how full of serum the fabric sheet is, so I smoothed the sheet between my fingers and squeezed some gently back into the sachet. I put it into a zipped plastic bag and put it into the fridge, it will need to be used up within a couple of days. By the way if you want a lovely refreshing facial treatment, you can put the whole sachet into your fridge before using, and then alternatively you can pop the sachet into warm water for a more comforting treatment.

Okay, so when I took the mask out of the sachet I did notice just how cool it felt in my fingers, so I didn’t put mine into the fridge first I used it straight away. The mask is contained in a “sandwich” of gauze type fabric which will need to be removed, when it’s removed and I had the mask in my hands I noticed that it felt like “skin” which is actually the Bio-Cellulose fabric that contains fibres that are likened to the human body. They help with the deep penetration of the serum within the mask and yet help the skin to breathe.


So sorry to scare you!! I placed the mask on my face starting at the chin and smoothed it upwards, there are “flaps” that you can place over your eyes while relaxing, but I just tucked them under my lower lashes to get some hydration there. I do usually make a much better job at placing the mask on my face, but Mark was trying to make me laugh so it wrinkled a bit! Anyway this mask felt very cooling on my face, and I don’t know why, but I thought my skin would “tingle” due to the bee venom (??) I left the mask on for half an hour before taking it off, I removed it and massaged the beautiful serum the mask left behind, into my skin, you don’t rinse off the serum. I then had a good look in the mirror. The “number 11s” between my brows are less noticeable, as are the lines down the side of my nose, I had a very dry patch just above my top lip, it’s not there now! My pores are less noticeable and there is definite smoothness across my face, with a lovely feeling of hydration too. I love the Bee Venom & Royal Jelly Miracle Mask, it’s given me….ahem “a real buzz” sorry. This is the ultimate anti-aging treatment mask for me, and I want more it’s by far my favourite mask that I have used from Timeless Truth. A single Bee Venom & Royal Jelly mask is £7.80 and you can also purchase a box of 5 for £32.99 from HERE    

Have you tried bee venom beauty products, what did you think of them?

Thank You for stopping by today lovelies.





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