Viper Mascara – Makeup Revolution….

Hello again lovelies!

I have found what I believe to be the BEST budget mascara I have ever tried. I’ve wanted a mascara that lengthens, thickens and volumizes for the longest time, I’ve found that in a premium brand mascara that I love and use on a regular basis, but I had yet to find a budget/high street brand. Well I’ve found myself the one now, and of course it just had to be from Makeup Revolution!


This is The Viper Mascara, it’s “Mascara With Bite” says Makeup Revolution, and it’s on the tube too. I love the packaging of this mascara, a bronze colour with a snakeskin pattern in black. It looks really cool. I was a bit worried when I saw the brush for the first time, it’s BIG! I thought that I would be smudging this mascara all over my eyes and not applying it to my lashes as they have become shorter with age. BUT I was so surprised and very happy that this mascara applied like a dream. The brush is fantastic, it’s a bristle brush which made me happy (I’m not a fan of the plastic type) and it’s a super curved shape. I was surprised too that it’s quite a fat brush. When I used the mascara I used the brush so that the curve was uppermost (as in the photo) and I “sat” my lashes into it and moved the wand upwards to coat them. Just with one swipe of the brush I had thicker looking lashes already! I then turned the brush to point it upwards and used the end of the brush to coat all the tiny little lashes and it really did catch them all. The Viper mascara really is  super volumising. I always curl my lashes before applying mascara and usually they lose their lift when I use a budget mascara, but with this beauty my lashes remained lifted, and it doesn’t flake off and land on my cheeks either, it lasts all day keeping my lashes looking FAB U LOUS! and it comes in Black only.

The Viper Mascara is just amazing value at only £3.00 from Makeup Revolution HERE

Have a great day lovelies!




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