The Flawless Palette from Makeup Revolution…..

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So here it is, my thoughts on the Flawless Palette from Makeup Revolution. I love it! Truth be told I knew I would. Everything about it is just gorgeous. I have waited ages to get it and when I walked into our local Superdrug and saw that at last they were stocking Makeup Revolution products I was a happy bunny. I didn’t pick the palette up myself, I needed other things but when I got to the checkout little did I know Mark had sneaked it into the basket, he’d bought it for me!


The palette is encased in this gorgeous rose gold box with FLAWLESS embossed rather than printed on it, the rest of the branding is printed in black, simply stunning!


The palette itself is beautiful shiny piano black with the branding in rose gold, and being so shiny makes it easy to clean to keep it looking, ahem Flawless!


When I opened the palette I noticed how huge the mirror  is, I can see my whole face not just parts of it. The names of each shade is written on an acetate sheet covering the eyeshadows (sorry I forgot to get a photo of it) There are 32 beautiful shades, from nude/naturals through to deep reds, browns, dark blues and blacks. As far as I can make out there are 8 matte shades, with others being very shimmery/frosted shades and even a couple that are glittery. The quality of ALL the eyeshadows are exceptional, so highly pigmented, creamy texture and so easily blendable and buildable to the intensity you want.


Okay, so there are 32 eyeshadows and I just couldn’t swatch them all, light was fading so I have just picked out MY 6 of the best! From left to right: Red Night, Burgandy Nights, Green Stars, Blue Stars, Black Tie and Gold Digger. All are such beautiful colours and so easy to use. It doesn’t matter if you don’t use an eye primer while wearing them my non primed eye lasted just as long as the eye with primer. The matte eyeshadows weren’t chalky, and blended well into the crease of my eye and I had no fallout of any of the shadows I used. The beautiful Flawless palette is just £8.00 HERE from the Tam Beauty website OR Superdrug online HERE.

Thank you for reading today lovelies




13 comments on “The Flawless Palette from Makeup Revolution…..

  1. I know what you mean im obsessed with make up rev! I have u r the best thing and the awesome eyeshadow collect. I think the awesome one is my favourite It’s got 100 shades in it there is some gorgeous shades in there I highly recommend it. X

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