Twelfth Night Palette from MUA Makeup Academy…..

Hello again lovelies!

Yes I know Christmas is way behind us now but I really must have a word or two about the very pretty Twelfth Night palette from MUA Makeup Academy, it’s another of my Christmas presents from Mark and it’s a limited edition palette so when it’s gone it’s gone!


The Twelfth Night eyeshadow palette holds 12 lovely buttery soft shades in the recognisable black and clear plastic packaging. I love that you can see all the different colours through the “window” of all MUA palettes.


The shades in this palette are perfect for these cold Winter months, you can easily create lovely natural daytime looks and then go for sexy dark smokey look for your nights out!


I love that there are some super purple tones in this palette, the grey’s have a purple tones to them too, which are actually anti – aging and perfect for my green eyes. The mix of matte and shimmer is great because it means I can use the more shimmery eyeshadows on the mobile lid and use the darker matte colours in the crease area.

If you like the look of the Twelfth Night palette grab it quick, it’s ONLY £2.00 from HERE. What a bargain!






7 comments on “Twelfth Night Palette from MUA Makeup Academy…..

  1. This is stunning! I had no idea that they had released a new limited edition palette? Will have to look for that, I think.
    The plum and olive colours are gorgeous! Great post; thanks for sharing. Hope you’re well? x

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