Hello again lovelies!

I hope you have all had a fab New Year and a good start to 2015. I thought that I would share with you just a few of my favourite products and highlights of 2014. Firstly in February 2014 Elegant Ageless Beauty turned a year old, I never thought that I would reach 6 months let alone still be here a year on from that! We are almost 2 now and it’s  been an amazing journey.

In March of last year I went to my first event as a Beauty Blogger, I was invited to attend the launch of Makeup Revolution and it was certainly a highlight of 2014 for me. I was given some gorgeous products to bring home to use and review on my blog. Unfortunately I don’t think I was quite what they were looking for as a beauty blogger, they never asked me to review anything again.


I have been lucky enough in 2014 to have been sent some beautiful products for review, and here are some of my favourites. One of my favourite skincare brands is Thea Skincare and I was sent a very gorgeous lip cream to use and review, to be honest I had always used lip balms but Plump and Define Lip Cream has changed the way I care for my lips now. You can see my full review HERE


Another product I was sent from Thea Skincare in 2014 is this amazing eye cream, and it’s actually the first time that I have really recommended a product to readers. You can read my full review HERE


I have really gotten into cloth face masks over the last few months, especially when I was sent some thoroughly fabulous Timeless Truth face masks from Angela at Beauty Masks. I still have one more to review for you, but you can see my full review of this one HERE.


I discovered this awesome foundation last year it’s The One Foundation from Makeup Revolution. It appeared to be rather liquid when I first bought it, but it’s one of my favourite foundations. You can read my full review HERE.


The gorgeous Ever After Matte Palette from MUA Makeup Academy became a favourite in 2014, I have worn it rather a lot, and goes so well with other eye shadows I have from other brands that have more of a shimmer to them. I use this mainly in my crease and under the eyes. See my review HERE.


Crystal Taupe Eyeshine is a gorgeous liquid to powder eye shadow that I was sent by Ariane Poole* It’s a beautiful shimmery eye shadow that dries to a powder finish. (I use this with the MUA Matte Palette) You can see my review HERE.

Oh I could actually go on and on with some more favourites! But I shall leave it here for now, maybe if you won’t be too bored I could do my hair and body care favourites in another post. I would just like to say a HUGE Thank You to ALL my readers for your support during 2014, and I hope to see you here in 2015.









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