Luxury Black Mascara from Ariane Poole*

Hello again lovely people, and Happy New Year! Here’s to a fabulous and beautiful 2015!

In my ongoing endeavour for long thick lashes I’m always looking for a new mascara and I have been very lucky to have been sent a black mascara by Ariane Poole* I used it for the first time on Christmas day, it’s called Luxury Mascara and I can see why.


With the first “sweep” of this mascara I knew it was going to be good for me. The curved brush helped to give my lashes a curled appearance rather than straight, it volumised and lengthened too, it coated each lash. I didn’t want to faff about with eyelash curlers on Christmas morning and with this mascara I didn’t have to worry I was so happy with the way my eyes looked after applying, they looked open. To be honest I actually thought my eyes looked less “hooded” too. The formula of this mascara strengthens, and conditions the lashes which is another reason I love it, my lashes didn’t feel hard and crusty, they really did feel soft. Soft enough to give my new baby Granddaughter “butterfly” kisses. The Ariane Poole* Luxury Black Mascara has become my new favourite mascara. (sorry Rimmel)

The Luxury  Mascara comes in Black only and is £17.00 click HERE or click on the Ariane Poole* logo in the sidebar of this blog.

Thank you for stopping by today lovely people. Look out for future posts where I tell you about my favourite products and highlights of 2014 and of course there will be lots more product reviews too.





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