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I’ve had these lovely little things for a while and totally forgot to give you my thoughts. I’ve needed a little bit of help with making my skin look nice as I’ve gotten older. My eyelids have darkened over the years, I’ve also started to get a bit of redness on one cheek and on my chin too, but most of all my skin can look so dull and grey and in need of something to help it look brighter. That’s where these two little palettes come in Pro-Base Prime and Conceal and the Pro-Base Prime and Conceal powder from MUA Makeup Academy. Let’s start with the Prime and Conceal, which is a cream product.

IMG_7920 (2)

I love the white packaging of the Pro-Base products, they always seem to be a lot more sturdy than other MUA products. This hold four corrector creams and a highlight.


From top left there is a Peach corrector which adds radiance, the Lilac corrector illuminates and mutes out yellow undertones, the Green corrector is helps to reduce redness, which is the one I use on my cheek and chin, the yellow corrector brightens and conceals purple/blue undertones. The middle colour is to add highlight. All of the creams are very soft and blend very well. I use the correctors over my foundation like a concealer then set it afterwards. The green helped to cover the redness and didn’t go cakey and it lasted a fair while too. I used the lilac over my eyelids to help reduce the discolouration there and it worked too. The Prime and Conceal palette is just £4.00 from HERE


Image from MUA Makeup Academy website


The diagram above tells you exactly where to put your correctors in the right way.


The Prime and Conceal powder is gorgeous, it’s such a soft powder and baked too. Again with four colour correctors in yellow, lilac, green and peach.


All you have to do is swirl your powder brush all over the powders to blend together and apply to the skin. It evened out my skintone to a matte finish. I used it under my eyes to help conceal a bit of darkness from a lack of sleep and was surprised it didn’t settle into my lines, it just made the eye area look a lot smoother and brighter. I’ve never used colour correctors until now and I shall certainly be getting some use out of these products. The Prime and Conceal powder is just £4.00 from HERE

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  2. I LOVE the MUA prime and conceal pro-base cream. The fact it is cheap enough to practice colour correction without stressing about using a high end product till you’ve learnt is great. Plus the texture is pretty good! I might try to powder one too now.

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