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I’ve another one of those super “budget” cosmetics products for your delectation today, this time it’s from the brand W7 and it’s their super Camouflage Kit (aka concealer kit)


The packaging for this palette is so neat and sleek, white with the branding in black it fits nicely in my make up bag if I need to take it out with me. It has a little “window” in the top of the palette where the various shades of concealer are on show. It’s also got a little mirror in the lid for those touch ups on the go.


There’s 5 shades of concealer with yellow and pink tones so that you can custom blend to the shade you need. They are all so creamy and very easy to blend, they do feel slightly oily so if you suffer from oily skin I think you might have trouble with it. I have dry skin so this is a super for me. The palette comes with a double ended brush which isn’t very thick to use as a concealer brush for me. It’s fine if you want to do some spot coverage where you can cover each blemish singly. I love the various shades of concealer in this palette, you can wear them alone or mix and custom blend to your own personal shade. The first shade in the palette is a soft salmon pink, it’s perfect for brightening under my eyes, and because these concealers are super soft and creamy they don’t dry and crack and emphasise fine lines and wrinkles. It covers the slight redness I get on my chin and cheeks and it does last a fair while, I use it over foundation then powder afterewards.

I purchased my palette from AmazonUK for £3.89 but you can find it even cheaper from various sellers HERE.  You can also purchase the Camouflage Kit from the W7 website where it priced at £4.95 HERE I only have this and an eye shadow palette from this brand in my make up collection and as budget brands go I’m liking them a lot. Are you a W7 cosmetics fan?

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2 comments on “W7 CAMOUFLAGE KIT REVIEW…..

  1. I like W7. I used to buy prices on line before I was a blogger. They’re always budget friendly. Recently I’ve reviewed a few pieces I’ve been gifted and have a few bits from them on their way to me now. So look out for some more reviews!

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