Hello and welcome back lovelies!

Last night I had tried an amazing fabric face mask which was sent to me for review from Angela at Timeless Truth. I had the EGF Bio Cellulose Mask.


This face mask is from the Timeless Truth luxury range, using high quality materials such as elastic cotton, bio cellulose and silk fibres in their fabric face masks. Using these luxurious materials in the masks allows it to fit perfectly to the face whilst letting the amazing ingredients in the serum get to work on the skin. So what is EGF? It stands for Epidermal Growth Factor, important for cell growth. Another of the ingredients in this anti – ageing mask is Hyaluronic Acid which keeps the skin looking plump by holding on to the water in collagen making the skin look younger and fine lines and wrinkles plumped out.



EEKK! So sorry to have to put you through this!

When I opened the packet and took out the mask it was encased in between two pieces of protective material which I removed. It was a bit fiddely as it was slippery with all the gorgeous serum that would soon be on my face, but once I put my glasses on so I could actually see what I was doing it was a lot easier to peel off. I had already cleansed my face with a face wash, so I applied the mask as instructed on the packet, which are very easy to read and understand with a pictorial. The mask was very easy to apply, I started at the forehead and smoothed it down as I was going along, smoothing over my cheeks and my nose and chin. I wasn’t too sure what to do when it came to my eyes as there were “flaps” I knew I shouldn’t cover my eyes (although if I had laid down while wearing the mask I think I would have covered my eyes with the flaps) so I just tucked it as close under my lower lash line as I could. I think I could have stretched the mask a bit more to cover more of my skin, but I was so afraid I would break/rip it. When I did eventually leave the mask to do its job I could feel that it was so very cooling on my skin, after about 5 minutes I could feel a tightening, I sat back in my armchair and closed my eyes and relaxed, which was when Mark got out his camera and took this photo!! I left the mask on for 30 minutes until I removed it. You don’t rinse your face afterwards, just massage the wonderful rich serum into the skin. After I removed the mask I had a good look at my face. I noticed the lines around my eyes had plumped out, my pores appeared reduced in size, my skin was brighter and smoother looking it also felt very soft and moisturised too. I have a small horizontal line just above my left eye and after this mask I could hardly see it! My “number 11s” were less noticeable. The EGF Bio Cellulose mask really has revitalized my skin and it will be another recommendation from me. To purchase a single mask is £7.70 HERE

I don’t think you are supposed to use the mask more than once, but there is a lot of serum left in the packet, so I’ve put it into a seal up bag and popped it into the fridge and I shall be using it later! There’s the thrifty in me!

Thank you for reading today.





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