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I’ve yet another beauty to share with you that was very kindly sent to me by Thea from Thea Skincare. This time it’s the very lovely eye make up remover, I have been a regular user of high street brands of eye make up removers and recently came across a miscellar water gel which is fantastic but when I tried this for the first time I was converted. This is the Cranberry & Cucumber eye make up remover from Thea Skincare.


This eye make up remover comes in a 100 ml (3.51 fl oz) pump dispenser bottle which gets an A star right from the start for me! It’s a gorgeous cooling and soothing gel formula with cucumber, cranberry and aloe, it smells amazing! All ingredients are natural and organic and suitable for vegetarians and vegans. So what’s in this gorgeous eye make up remover? Firstly there is Organic Aloe Juice which helps to seal in moisture and stimulates circulation. Cucumber Distillate which soothes and cools the eye area it also has a mild astringent to help with the removal of dead skin cells. Witch Hazel which is an antioxidant to help to soothe and hydrate and help reduce puffiness. Cranberry Seed Oil which is rich in vitamin C and is an anti – inflammatory. This is a perfect eye make up remover if you have sensitive eyes, and is suitable for all skin types too.

I had on a good bit of eye make – up over the weekend including 3 coats of mascara! But it was so easy to remove when I used this eye make up remover. I took two cotton pads and put two pumps of the gel on to each pad and spread it out a tad. I placed a pad on each eye and just let them rest there for a few moments, I could immediately feel the cooling, soothing sensation on my eyes. I pressed the pads onto my eyes and gently wiped them across and I could see where the remover had “melted” my mascara. I wiped the cotton pads all over and around my eyes and it took off every trace of my eye make up without any tugging or pulling, and I had no stinging what so ever. My eyes felt so refreshed and soothed. I can’t say what it would be like with removing waterproof mascara however, as I don’t use it. This really is a beautiful eye make up remover, and I can also say that this is perfect as a soothing eye mask. After cleansing apply all over the eye area and just let it sink into the skin. I went to bed with it on and next morning my eyes felt amazing, so hydrated. Cucumber & Cranberry Eye Make Up Remover from TheaSkincare is £14.95 from HERE

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