Hello again lovelies!

I just had to show you the newest  MUA Makeup Academy matte palette it’s called Winter Forest Matte Collection. It’s rather lovely.


It has some stunning colours in there, MUA never disappoint me when it comes to a new palette. I’m always completely happy with whatever Mark buys me or I buy myself. I wore this palette on Saturday when we went to celebrate my Granddaughters 10th birthday and I really enjoyed using them.


I don’t usually use a product until Mark has photographed it for my blog, but I was too impatient and had to use this at the weekend. It’s a beautiful cool toned matte  eye shadow palette with 10 shades just right for the Autumn/Winter, and as usual the eye shadows are of superior quality for a budget brand, something that MUA do incredibly well. There is nothing chalky about them at all they blend out so well and they build to the intensity you want.


I love that MUA now put the name of each colour on the underside of the palette, but I do have one gripe about it and  it’s that it was so darned hard to open! Mark even had trouble too. Once I did get it open I filed the closure with my glass nail file to smooth it out a bit, and now it’s easier to snap shut and it opens just fine.


These swatches are a bit of mess, sorry I was in too much of a hurry! But they are all just one swipe of the applicator. The lighter colours haven’t photographed very well because they are quite light. The two flesh toned eye shadows (Camel on the top row and Sand on the bottom row) are actually beautiful to use as your base colour to give the eye a nice clean look ready for your colour. The Winter Forest Matte Collection will go perfectly alongside the Ever After Matte Palette, but remember if your eyes are all matte add a touch of shimmer to the cheeks and gloss on the lips. This beautiful palette is a bargain at £4.00 HERE.

Thank you for reading lovelies.





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