Welcome back to my blog, thank you for stopping by.

I am very sorry that I’ve missed a day of my Month in Nail Polish series, yesterday Mark and I had a family day with  my daughter and Grandchildren as it was my Granddaughters 10th birthday. But I’m back today with another glitter nail polish one that I wore yesterday. It’s from Make Up Rumours again and as before it doesn’t have a name.


I wore it over my natural nails with a peel off base coat, this one was a bit more tricky to play with than some of my other glitter polish. I had painted these the night before and as you can see it has already started to chip away, and is patchy in some places too.


It’s still a beautiful blue glitter though, but maybe as a top coat rather than a full colour nail polish. This polish is another one from the Disco Nails box set from Make Up Rumours and the set was only £4.00 from HERE.

Thank you for reading.


NB: Since posting this a year ago, the Make Up Rumours website appears to be taken down.



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