Hey there lovelies!

Just look at this beauty I have for you today, my word it looks like I’ve dipped my fingers in diamond dust! This is another glitter nail polish from Make Up Rumours, and it’s one of those that should have a name but doesn’t.


Sorry that it’s not Mark’s quality photography, I took this myself with my phone. Anyway, I applied this just straight to my natural nails with MUA peel off base coat underneath to help with removal later. I just love the large pieces of silver glitter in this clear polish, when the light catches there are a rainbow of colours shooting from it. When I apply glitter polish I tend to “dab” it over my nails rather than swiping with the brush, that way I get more glitter particles to adhere, but don’t worry it levels itself out you don’t get a clumpy mess. I can see this being used on the tips of a red nail for Christmastime, or even over the top of a white nail for a “frozen” look.

This nail polish came as part of a set of 5 glitter nail polishes from Make Up Rumours and is only £4.00, such a bargain for really beautiful quality nail polish. I shall introduce you to the other colours over the next few days. In the meantime if you would like to see more from this brand click HERE And if you want to see the MUA peel off basecoat, a must have for glitter nail polish wearers click HERE

Thank you for reading lovely people, and I hope you are enjoying my month in nail polish.


NB: Since I posted this a year ago, the Make Up Rumours website appears to have been taken down.



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