Hello lovely people!

Another day, another nail polish. Although this isn’t really a nail polish it’s more for nail treatment, and it’s from MUA Makeup Academy. This is Super Strength Nail Polish Basecoat.


Those of you who read my blog regularly will probably know that I have always used Rimmel Nail Nurse Rescue for my nail treatment, but when MUA brought out their Super Strength Basecoat I thought I would give it a try, after all it is at least £3.00 cheaper.  I use it as a basecoat every time I do my manicure now and I really like it. It has an amazing brush for easy application of the product in 2 swipes. The formula of the product is super, I was expecting it to be thin and “watery” but it’s not it’s like applying a nail polish it’s a lovely thick consistency that doesn’t drop off the brush. I apply one coat on the whole nail then sweep the brush across the tip of the nail for added strength. I love how this basecoat makes my nails look au naturale, it makes the white tips look whiter and very clean looking and I haven’t had any peeling or cracking or any breaks to my nails while I’ve been using Super Strength. I’m converted now! And it’s only £2.00 from HERE.

Thank you for reading lovely people.




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