Hello and welcome to day 12 of A month in Nail polish lovely people!

Today it’s two lovely polishes from Make Up Rumours a stunning metallic blue and a dark blue glitter and unfortunately they don’t have a name.


These two beauties are in the Ultimate Metallics boxed set and the metallic nail polish is awesome to apply. My ring finger has just the nail polish alone and it is opaque in one coat and incredibly shiny when it’s dry too. My index finger is both polishes applied and the dark blue glitter makes the metallic blue polish appear black underneath it. My middle finger has just the glitter applied, it appears to have gone a bit gloopy when I apply it on its own, but I have got a pretty good coverage and it’s got some good chunks of glitter in there too.

The complete Ultimate Metallics boxed set was just £3.99 and it included the two nail polishes, two lip glosses, a glitter eye liner and an eyeshadow palette. You can find this at Make up Rumours HERE

Back tomorrow lovely people with another one, thank you for stopping by today.


NB: Since posting this a year ago, the Make Up Rumours website appears to have been taken down.




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