Hello again lovely people.

Regular readers will know that I have just reviewed a gorgeous eye cream that was sent to me by Thea from Thea Skincare, today I am giving you my thoughts of the moisturiser from the same range that was also sent to me by Thea.


Once again it passed the “sniff” test, it smells so clean and fresh, It also feels very rich and creamy.  All the ingredients within this cream are 100% natural, and here are just some of those “good for the skin” ingredients and how they help towards your anti-aging skincare regime. Organic Aloe Juice helps to seal in moisture, Organic Coconut, Jojoba & Avocado Oils  these provide “food” for the skin and are so hydrating providing moisture to plump up the skin, Organic Rooibos Tea is an anti-oxidant that helps to slow down the aging process by regenerating the skin, Fresh Ginger Essential Oil which revives a mature skin.

After cleansing with my Thea Skincare cleanser (more on that in my next post) I applied my face cream with upward motions to my skin (starting as I always do with neck and sweeping upwards) it’s so easily absorbed and my skin felt totally moisturised and hydrated, being such a rich cream I thought my skin would feel sticky afterwards but it didn’t it feels very smooth and ready for make up. My complexion also looks a lot brighter and more up-lifted and  less grey looking. I’m very happy with the way my skin looks and feels after using Thea Age Revival Uplifting Face Creme. It’s also another product that I would recommend to you.

You get 50ml in the full size product for £24.95 but you can also purchase 15ml of product for £19.95 just click HERE to go to the gorgeous website.

I have the Thea cleanser and exfoliator to bring you next, and if you try the products for yourself please let me know what you think too.

Thank you for reading today.





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