Hello again lovely people!

I’m “in the pink” with my nail polish today, it’s a mani I wore a lot during the Summer, and yes I know we are officially in Autumn but it’s still very Summery outside and so weirdly warm for the time of year.


This is 2 nail polishes, a pretty pastel pink with a white and silver glitter top coat. I love glitter nail polish sooooo much, it makes me very happy!


Both of these nail polishes are from Make Up Rumours the pink  nail polish is from a nail art set called Ultimate Sensations take a look HERE. It’s a lovely nail polish with a great formula that needed only two coats to become opaque, it does have a semi-matte finish to it though so if you like a shiny nail polish then you will need a clear top coat. The gorgeous white and silver glitter top coat is also from Make Up Rumours and is from a set of  5 glitter nail polishes called Disco Nails this set is absolutely awesome! Take a look HERE. If you want to get a great glitter top coat coverage I find that dabbing the brush onto my nail works better than sweeping it as you normally would, it gives me more glitter. Don’t worry the formula of the polish will level itself out you wont have bumpy uneven nails!

Shall I continue my month in nail polish with some gorgeous berry shades and some teal too? Oh okay then.


NB: Since posting this a year ago, the Make Up Rumours website appears to have been taken down.




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