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I was very lucky to be contacted by a lovely lady called Thea who asked me if I would like to try some products from her Anti – Aging range of skincare products. Of course I jumped at the chance and received my product samples on Saturday and started using them on Sunday. I do like to trial skincare for a week and sometimes longer before I do a review and post it on my blog. But I really had to tell you my thoughts about Thea Skincare Anti-Aging Uplifting Eye Cream. 


“All  Thea Skincare products are: 100% Paraben Free, 100% Phthalate & Sulphate Free, 100% Fragrance Free, Free from petroleum based ingredients, Vegan and Vegetarian friendly and Not tested on animals.”

The first thing I did when I opened this little pot was sniff it! I always sniff new products be it skin care, body care or make up, does anyone else do that? It passed the “sniff” test with flying colours, the fragrance (and there are no nasty artificial fragrance’s added to any of the Thea Skincare products) this eye cream has a clean fresh fruity fragrance, it’s a rich consistency yet it doesn’t feel heavy on the skin. It delivers nourishment and hydration for the delicate eye area and a little really does go a long way too. There are natural active anti-aging ingredients within the eye cream, such as Hyaluronic Acid and Blue Green Algae  to help reduce fine lines and wrinkles provide hydration and help to re-texture and lift the skin. Organic Aloe Juice to add moisture and encourages new skin cells, Organic Olive oil and Organic Jojoba oil to moisturise and hydrate, Organic Lavender & Pomegranate Extract two anti-aging essential oils to help reduce puffiness.

The first time I used this YES I did notice a difference in my eye area, and so did Mark! Although I don’t have deep-set wrinkles, I do have lines (obvs) I sometimes have some puffiness and my eyes are hooded due to aging, but I applied my eye cream (and I applied it ALL around the eye area up to the lash line and over the eyelid too) After a few minutes of staring into the mirror I noticed that my under eyes looked smoothed and I had less of a hood covering my eyelid, and my eyelids were less crepey looking too. When I write my reviews I NEVER say that I would recommend a certain product, but I DO recommend this gorgeous eye cream as part of your anti-aging skincare routine. You get 15ml of product for £19.95, yes it may be an investment for some but a little goes a long way. Click HERE to find out more about Thea Skincare Anti Aging Eye Cream.

**I was sent this eye cream to review, but all my thoughts are honest and my own**

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