Welcome back to my Month in Nail Polish lovely people!

My choice today is one from Makeup Revolution, it may be very dark but it’s been a favourite of mine for a few months, even during the Summer months.


This is Midnight Connection that I purchased from Makeup Revolution as part of a collection called Hopes and Dreams. I love the shape of the bottles, they are like little barrels. The long handle to the brush makes it ergonomically friendly, the brush itself  is a bit too thin for my liking, I like a brush that is a wee bit thicker but it’s the right length  that’s just a personal thing because I have long nails.


I simply love this colour, but I found the formulation a bit difficult to work with, it went on a bit streaky and I had to apply a few coats to get the finish I want. But it doesn’t bother me because this nail polish has a beautiful glossy finish and for a collection of 6 nail polishes at just £5.00 who am I to moan. You can see the Hopes and Dreams nail polish collection HERE.  And there are 7 nail polish collections in all. I’m after the Look of Love collection next. You can buy the nail polish as singles from HERE. and only £1.00

See you soon with another nail polish.






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