Hello again lovelies and welcome to a brand new month!

It’s October, so that means all this month I shall be bringing you a gorgeous nail polish every single day.  The nail polishes I’m featuring are all suitable to wear for the Autumn + Winter season. You might even find a couple of bejewelled finger nails too!


This is Bourjois 10 days wear No chips nail polish in shade 23. Unfortunately it hasn’t been given a name which is such a shame. This is gorgeous in every way, it’s the perfect green to wear in Autumn, it’s not too bright like a Summer green nail polish, it’s a darker more muted shade. It has an angled brush which fans out as you apply the polish making it really easy to coat the nail, and it’s opaque in 2 coats but you can get away with just one. This nail polish not only looks pretty it is also good for your nails too, the formulation contains pro-silicium which acts as a protective barrier and prevents them from breaking. It also prevents chipping from the nail polish making for a longer lasting manicure, in fact it could last up to 10 days. I purchased this Bourjois nail polish from Fragrance Direct for only 99p along with a few other gorgeous shades to be featured this month. Click HERE to see for yourself.

So that’s my month in nail polish under way lovelies, please come back again tomorrow for another gorgeous colour.




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