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Regular readers of my blog will know I love my nail polish especially gorgeous glitter nail polish. But heck it’s a pain to remove isn’t it? I was so happy that MUA Makeup Academy brought out their Peel Off Basecoat just to make life easier for me. Guess what? It really works!  I can now wear my glitter nail polish without the almighty chore when it comes to removing it.


I was a bit worried that while peeling off my nail polish it would take off the top layer of the nail bed, a bit like what would happen when you remove false nails, but no my nails are still perfectly fine and smooth and not at all dried out either. I just used the peel off basecoat like I would any normal basecoat, but I used two coats letting each coat dry in between application. It did take a bit longer to dry though, which doesn’t bother me as I like to do my nails while relaxing watching television. I then put on a base colour, let it dry then applied my glitter polish on top. I shall be featuring the nail polishes I used in my “A Month In Nail Polish” series I’m doing in October.

Removal was so easy peasy! I just lifted the edge of my nail polish with a hoof stick/cuticle pusher and really just peeled it off. My it was so satisfying!!  This super peel off basecoat is only £2.00 from HERE.

Have you tried peel off basecoat? How did you get on?

Thank you for reading lovely people.





  1. Although we do CND Shellac in our centre,it doesn’t suit everybody’s lifestyle. For example nurses cannot wear nail polish on duty but like to party on their days off so this product would be ideal & as usual for MUA, a reasonable price!

  2. I’ve always been a little bit scared of peel off base coats, but for £2, I think I’m going to have to give this one a go. Especially as I love to wear lots of glitter in autumn for firework night and then for Christmas as well! xxx

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