Hi there lovely people, I hope you are all doing okay!

This lipstick was in a little haul of  gorgeous Rimmel goodies Mark picked up in a clearance bin in our local Lloyds Pharmacy, its red and I was unsure if it would suit me but Mark said it did so I’ve been wearing it, and it’s lovely.


This is the Moisture Renew lipstick from Rimmel in the shade Diva Red. I love the packaging of the lipstick it’s actually a regal purple but is showing royal blue in the photo. I love the embossed crown on the lid, very British! The lipstick itself is very moisturising and it certainly isn’t compromising on colour, it’s so pigmented for a moisturising lipstick. I don’t like lipsticks that feel heavy or “claggy” on my lips and this one is neither, it’s very lightweight and it lasts on my lips for ages.


Diva Red is a deep red shade with bluey undertones, and because of the vitamins A,C and D within the formula it gives the lips a lovely sheen. The Moisture Renew lipstick does exactly what it says it does, it moisturises the lips and they are still soft and moisturised after removal too. RRP for this beautiful lipstick is £6.49 and although mine was in a clearance sale you can still get it HERE. You can check out Lloyds Pharmacy too HERE.

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