Hello there lovelies! I hope you are all well.

It’s a bit ironic that I’m sharing with you this beautiful palette from Bobbi Brown, when the whole of the UK is in the throes of horrendous thunder storms, torrential rain and in some parts of the country, floods. But the Surf and Sand palette from Bobbi Brown is enough to brighten anyone’s  day. I didn’t buy this palette, I was lucky enough to win it on Twitter from the wonderful Jade Elliott if you haven’t seen Jades’s fantastic blog you should, she has the most amazing beauty tips to share with us, check her “Style and Stilettos” blog HERE. 


There are two palettes in the Surf and Sand range from Bobbi Brown, and I have the Sand Palette. The other is called the Surf Palette.

The Sand palette has such gorgeous packaging, it’s covered in sand coloured fabric that feels to me like linen. It has gorgeous gold and black trim surrounding the palette, it’s just so classy looking. It has a super magnetic closure that snaps shut and it’s a very firm closure too where some magnetic closures don’t hold, this does.


There are 8 eye shadows inside the palette, 4 shimmer and 4 matte nude/neutral shades with a very dark brown/grey to smoke out the eyes too. It does look a bit more grey in the photo, but take it from me it is a dark brown/grey matte eye shadow. So the shades in the palette are: Pale Cream matte, Blazing Star, a sparkle eye shadow, Bikini Bronze, a metallic eye shadow, Gold Sparkle, a soft pale gold shimmer eye shadow, Sand, a matte eye shadow, Frappe, a warm matte beige, Golden Copper, a metallic eye shadow, and Saddle, a matte brown/grey eye shadow. All the eye shadows feel lovely  creamy powders, if powders can feel creamy? They are all very blendable and the matte eye shadows aren’t at all chalky that can happen with matte eye shadows. I wore the eye shadows for the first time when we went out for a picnic when it was very hot and sunny, and although we were only out for three hours my eye shadows lasted in the heat, and I have eyelids that sweat! I didn’t use an eye primer either so I’m very impressed at the staying power of Bobbi Brown eye shadows, but then I knew I would love them!

Because this was a prize it would be very remiss of me to put the cost of the palette here so if you pop onto the Debenhams website you will find it HERE.

I have been lucky enough to win a few prizes since having my Twitter account, has anyone else won some great prizes too?

Thank you reading today lovely people.





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