Hi there lovely people and welcome back!

So we are are now into August, doesn’t time fly by? I’m a bit late with my July favourites but better late than never. I’ve recently been showing some love to products I’ve not used for a while this last month.


Shimmer Kisses Blusher from MUA Makeup Academy is a product that I’ve started using again, it is just such a pretty blusher/highlighter with 4 different shades of pink that you can wear alone or as I do swirl together and apply to the apples of the cheeks for a gorgeous rosy glow. Find it HERE on the MUA website for only £3.00.


I love lilac nail polish and a favourite for me this month has been “Adore” from Makeup Revolution such a pretty colour for Summer and it’s only £1.00 from HERE on the  website.


My beautiful Moisture Boost shampoo and conditioner from Organic Surge. The fragrance of these pair is just very Summery and the condition it leaves my hair in is fabulous,  just what my hair needs during this heatwave in GB at the moment. If you want super conditioned hair go HERE to the website where you can get the shampoo and conditioner for £12.50.


Favourite body scrub this month has been “The Lazy Evening” Gentle Body Scrub from Calcot Manor. I love using this body scrub, it’s not too scratchy, it smells beautiful and because it has almond oil in it, it’s so moisturising, and my skin feels so soft after using. I bought this body scrub from Tesco HERE for £3.99


I’ve recently started to use my Undressed palette from  MUA again, it’s got the perfect colours for me to have a pretty natural look for the Summer.  It’s only got 3 matte shades in it which I use for the crease (or rather creating a crease) the rest are shimmer but that’s okay, I only use them on the mobile lid. Love this palette, a lot.

Lastly, a very random favourite from the last month, in fact it’s longer. I have been adding fresh lemon and fresh garden mint to my glasses of water. When I started drinking water straight from the tap it was giving me heartburn so I thought about adding mint knowing that mint is good for digestion I thought it would stop the heartburn which thankfully it has. I now add a squeeze of lemon and a thick slice of lemon with the mint to my water and it’s so refreshing, and I know that it’s good for me too. I have also added a chunk of fresh pineapple to a glass of water and a chunk of melon too. Delicious! 

What’s been your favourites this last month? Tell me in the comments below, or you could join me on Facebook or Twitter too!

Thank you for reading lovely people, lots of love.







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