ELF 100 Marble Eyeshadow Palette.

Hi lovely people!

So, you may remember I did a little ELF haul a couple of weeks ago where I showed you the 100 Marble Eyeshadow palette. Here are my thoughts on this super addition to my make up collection.


Each eyeshadow is of a good size inside the palette, which is a great mixture of marbled, shimmer and matte textures and you have colours ranging from your white, cream, beige and brown neutral shades to brights which include pinks, purples, deep reds and russet shades, with greens and blues and then all shades of grey (not 50!) finally there’s charcoal and black shades too. This palette is certainly trans-seasonal! 


Inside the lid of the palette is a small mirror, which you can see the whole face in fyi, and each side of the mirror is a double ended sponge applicator which as per, I never use. 

The eyeshadows themselves are very hit and miss when it comes to pigmentation, application and blendability. Having said that they all feel very creamy to the touch. The marbled eyeshadows  apply very well and have a slight sheen to them, the very dark grey’s and blacks are amazingly pigmented but you have to watch for a little fallout. I found some of the lighter shades a wee bit chalky when I apply to the mobile lid, but just gave it a good blending and it’s fine. One or two of the brown/neutrals take a bit of building up to get a good colour, but  using an eye primer will help with that.

I got this palette when it was in the sale for £5.00! It’s now back up to £15.00 again. I’m very happy to have this palette, I’ve wanted to try ELF products for ages and this has certainly given me a great starter to the brand and there’s much more I would love to try from them. If you would like to see some ELF for yourself (I’m a poet?) then just click HERE and it will take you to their website, where at the moment if you spend over £20.00 you will get a FREE mystery bag including £15.00 worth of products! But hurry the offer ends tomorrow.

Thank you for reading.





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