Oqibo Purifying Cleanser & Toner 250ml

Hi there lovely people!

Regular readers of my blog may remember I was sent some lovely skin-care samples to try, I have a Purifying Cleanser/Toner from Oqibo to tell you about today.


Firstly this is what Oqibo says 

“An ultra-gentle cleansing gel that regulates sebum and protects the natural healthy balance of your skin.” 

  • Super-effective cleansing without dryness or irritation
    • Triple-action formulation
    • Suitable for all skin types
    • Purifies, mattifies & tones
    • Remineralises the skin
    • Whisks away stubborn make-up, dirt and grime
    • Restores essential minerals

I have enjoyed using this cleanser/toner which is a lovely clear gel. It smells amazing of peppermint, that also adds a cooling sensation to the skin which has been a Godsend in the heat of our British Summer, not to mention my hot flushes too! (TMI) The key ingredients within this cleanser are Marine extract of Weaving Algae which actually “mimics” the skins structure giving it essential proteins and minerals to tone and balance the skin. Extracts of Ulva Lactuca works with the skin to balance the production of sebum (oils) and cinnamon which is  anti-bacterial, that cleans and tones the skin giving a more brighter radiant appearance. 

How I used this:  I poured a small amount (about 2p size) onto my hand and added a little water to create a foam, then I massaged it over my skin in a circular motion for 2 minutes making sure I went down my neck too. I then rinsed with a clean wet face cloth, which is how I like to remove all types of cleanser. I then patted my face and neck dry with a towel. Afterwards my skin felt clean and refreshed and very smooth, it also looked brighter and less grey looking, and it didn’t feel dry and tight afterwards either. I’ve been using it for a week now and the look of my skin has improved, it just looks more radiant and smooth, and I always feel that I’m getting a deep cleanse,especially if I’ve worn make up. After cleansing with the Purifying Cleanser/Toner I have been using moisturiser samples that Oqibo sent me, and I shall review those in a separate post. In the meantime check out the Oqibo website where you will find not only skincare, but also supplements and candles too. HERE

Thank you for dropping in today!





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