A Lovely Saturday Haul…..

Hi there lovely people, I hope you are having a peaceful Sunday.

Mark had to go into our little town on Saturday morning and popped into the local Lloyd’s Pharmacy, he saw some lovely bit’s that he thought I would like in a cosmetics clearance basket. 


It was all Rimmel which has been a favourite brand of mine ever since I was a young teenager, so when he came home with these beauties for me, well I just had to make him a cuppa as a thank you! 😉

He got me two Moisture Renew lipsticks in Diva Red and Soft Coral, a super Sexy Curves mascara in Intense Black, and a Renew and Lift foundation in Soft Beige. All of the products were either half price or better than half price. He  always manages to sniff out a great bargain does Mark! 

I shall be doing my make up with these on Monday morning so watch for reviews soon. I am so looking forward to trying the foundation and the mascara, they are both right up my street!

You can find Lloyds Pharmacy HERE and Rimmel London HERE

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday.





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