“EVER AFTER” Matte Palette from MUA Makeup Academy….

Hey there lovely people!

I’ve had the “Ever After” matte palette from MUA Makeup Academy for quite a while and I have never reviewed it properly on my blog, which is so silly of me because it deserves much more love, it’s such a lovely palette especially for a lady in her middle years like me who enjoys pretty things.


This fabulous palette has 10 beautiful shades, all neutrals to create many different looks from a natural daytime look to your sexy smokey eye for a night out.


The packaging is black plastic with the silver branding on the see through lid, inside you have the double ended sponge applicator, which I only use to swatch the eye shadows with I always use brushes to apply my make up.


On the underside of the palette are all the names of each shade of eye shadow. Unwrap is a gorgeous bright white, Butter is a delicious cream shade, Bare is definitely what it says it is it’s a nude, and it’s a colour that I would use to lay down all over the mobile lid up to the eyebrow to give the area a nice clean look ready for colour. Taffeta is a sort of peachy toned shade which also excellent as a base shade, Fade is a very light brown, on the bottom row of eye shadows is Penny a darker brown/copper shade, Chino is one of my favourites to use being a taupe shade which suits my green eyes, Truffle is a chocolatey brown, Fog is a beautiful blue/grey and lastly Smoke which is definitely black.


Matte eye shadows can be difficult to work with as some tend to be chalky and you can get some fall down, yes I did find that the first 2 are a bit chalky but they blend very well. The pigments of these eye shadows are just fantastic especially the darker shades and again they blend incredibly well for such a low-priced palette. I love the texture, they are buttery soft and smooth even on my aging eyelids! In fact the eye shadows in this palette are a must for ladies my age, yes we can wear shimmery colour, but I think it should be on the mobile lid only and matte eye shadows for the crease area, and those of us with a hooded eye have to create the look of a crease, and this palette is perfect for just that.

The” Ever After” matte palette from MUA Makeup Academy is just £4.00 and it’s available from HERE

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12 comments on ““EVER AFTER” Matte Palette from MUA Makeup Academy….

  1. I have this palette too, but I’m soooo pale that the first 4 shades on the top row are completely invisible on me, regardless of how much I try to build them up 😦 I haven’t found that much use for this palette, unfortunately as I felt it wasn’t as good as the other MUA palettes.

      • Yeah I’ve tried with 2 different primers (one specifically for eye makeup) and I don’t get much pigment out that way either 😦 The darkest hues pack a good amount of pigment, but the lighter shades give me nothing.

  2. I use this for everyday wear. I avoid shimmer shades as I think they’re ageing so I found this to a perfect palette. There’s enough shades to have different looks but not enough so that they get wasted.

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