A Little E.L.F Surprise!!….

Hi lovely people!

Well I didn’t know that Mark was making a sneaky little purchase the other day, until he told me to listen out for the post lady in a couple of days, then he had to tell me that he had bought me a palette and some nail polish from E.L.F! He knows I have wanted to try their products for quite a while, and he knows how much I love a nice palette and nail polish and when he saw the clearance sale on the e.l.f website he thought he would get a couple of things for me.


He bought me the 100 Piece Marble Eyeshadow Palette and the Vacation Nail Polish Set I haven’t had a go with my palette yet, but the nail polish I have and they are simply gorge!


The colours in the nail polish set are Mint Cream, Lilac and Punk Purple. Of course I’ve swatched them on my nails and they really are lovely nail polish, very creamy and one coat is enough for a great coverage but for a manicure I would put on two with a base coat and a top coat.


There appears to be a great mixture of matte, shimmer and marble effect in the palette and they look at the moment  of the few I’ve swatched, to be quite a good pigment to them.


At first I was scared of some of the colours, I haven’t used brights for such a long time, BUT there’s life in the old girl yet and I shall give them a go!  I shall be posting my reviews asap when I’ve had a play.

So, lovely people if you want to see what e.l.f  has just click HERE I don’t think you will be disappointed. I’m not sure what Mark paid for my little surprise but I’m sure it will be on the website somewhere, I’ll check and get back with the prices when I write my review.

Thank you for dropping in on my little blog today.





6 comments on “A Little E.L.F Surprise!!….

  1. Aw thats so sweet for him to surprise you with makeup like that! Ive never bought the marbled palette because sometimes big palettes are a big hit and miss, does the pigmentation of each shade vary? 🙂 x

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