Makeup Revolution Liquid Concealer and Focus and Fix Eye Primer…..My thoughts…

Hey lovely people.

So included in one of two Makeup Revolution “hauls” were the two products I have right here. The first being the Liquid Concealer in the shade Natural.



As you can probably see this is a well used product of mine,because the rose gold branding is wearing off, I have been using it a lot. It’s very thick and creamy and the coverage is just fabulous. When I first got it and tried it on the back of my hand, blended it in it honestly concealed the veins! When I used it under my eyes it didn’t go cakey and the little bit of darkness I have on the inside corner of my eyes, I was able to disguise with this concealer. The other liquid concealer I have is from MUA and I loved that, but this one is actually a lot lot better. I’ve been getting one lone “zit” on my chin (I’m regressing back to my teens!) and this concealer is covering it. I usually apply it with the doe foot sponge applicator then gently pat it and blend with my ring finger. This concealer I shall use for blemishes and concealing the little bit of redness and darkness I have, for under my eyes I shall carry on using “The One” concealer which is also from Makeup Revolution. A really lovely concealer and it’s a bargain at only £1.50 HERE 

The next product  from Makeup Revolution is the Focus and Fix eye primer. There are 3 eye primers for you to choose from Original, Brighten  and  Matte.



I have the original eye primer, but I do quite fancy trying the brighten one next. This gives my eyelids a lovely clean “canvas” for my eyeshadows. I get very sweaty eyes and if I don’t wear an eye primer my eyeshadow wouldn’t last. I don’t have to use a lot of this primer for it to keep my makeup in place either. My eyelids are also starting to go a bit “crepey”  or wrinkly (it happens) and the Focus and Fix eye primer helps my eyeshadow go on much smoother. Which makes it an ideal product for us older ladies!  This eye primer is £2.50 and you can go HERE to take a look.

If you have been bitten by the Makeup Revolution bug, what have you been enjoying? Leave me a comment below, or come and join me on my Facebook page or follow me on Twitter, I would love to welcome you there.

Thank you for reading, take care lovely people.




3 comments on “Makeup Revolution Liquid Concealer and Focus and Fix Eye Primer…..My thoughts…

  1. This brand looks great and I would love to try some of their products, not sure where I’d find them in Ireland though!
    I’m a new Irish blogger and I have been enjoying the content of your blog, maybe we can follow each other? It would mean a lot to me 🙂

    Cecilia x

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