“The One Concealer” from Makeup Revolution

Hello lovely people, I hope you are having a great weekend!

So, “The One” concealer from Makeup Revolution for me is just one of the best concealers I have used. It is so moisturising for that delicate area under the eye with it’s moisturising ring that wraps itself around the actual concealer. IMG_1874

Unfortunately I can’t tell you what the moisturising ring actually is, I can’t find  ingredients for it anywhere on their website, I have asked twice on their facebook page what it is, but I’ve had no reply, yet. This really is a soft concealer, Makeup Revolution suggest using it under foundation but I didn’t see that on the website until after I had used it  over my foundation like I do normally. I’ve yet to try using it before applying my foundation. But I am actually very happy with the application and coverage using it my way. The moisturising ring does exactly that, it  hydrates the under eye area, the concealer itself covers the slight darkness that I have and it doesn’t sink into fine lines either and because of the hydration within it, it lightens the area too which is very ant-aging. I personally think that this is more for the under eye area rather than to hide blemishes and breakouts.


There are 3 shades of “The One” concealer Light, Medium and dark. I have the medium shade and it’s perfect for my skin-tone. If you would like to take a look too just click HERE it’s only a snip at £3.00.

Thank you for reading lovely people.



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