Makeup Revolution- “Girls on Film” palette.


Hello lovely people and Happy Friday!

Makeup Revolution has just released a lovely collection of 5 limited edition Salvation palettes and Mark bought me “Girls on Film”  One of my favourite bands when I was in my 20’s was Duran Duran,. Girls on Film is the third single by Duran Duran, released on 13 July 1981. This isn’t the reason why I chose this particular palette though, it was the colours within it that swayed me. Honest!


All the palettes are packaged in a cardboard sleeve ( a bit like the Sleek brand) with the palette name on it.. Inside is an utterly gorgeous shiny black palette with the pretty rose gold branding it’s very classy looking, and personally I won’t be keeping it in the outer packaging, I prefer the look of the palette without it. So what’s inside?

IMG_1755When you first lift the lid you notice (well I did anyway) the huge mirror, one that you can see your whole face in. Then you have 18 gorgeous eye shadows 12 shimmery, pearly shades and 6 matte shades to create fabulous eye looks, especially the ultimate smokey eye. Covering the eye shadows is a transparent plastic sheet that has the names of each eye shadow. I do like that Makeup Revolution are now giving each eye shadow names, I don’t know who thinks of them but they are very clever. You have names such as “Camera Rolling” “Polaroid Heaven” “Shooting Star” and of there has to be one called “Girls on Film”


So what is the pigmentation and application like? The eye shadows again are very soft and smooth and easy to blend. Super. I had trouble getting a decent swatch on my skin for the photos and had to sweep over the shimmers a couple of times to get  good pay off, having said that the lighter colours didn’t swatch very well at all. An eye primer is definitely whats needed especially with the lighter colours , which I haven’t used on my eyes yet. The matte shades are super colour pay off, slightly chalky but I think that happens  a lot with matte eye shadows. You also have the double ended sponge applicator as is usual, which I never use, I like brushes to apply eye shadow. I do like this palette very much and it won’t be one that just gets shoved into my makeup drawer, I shall be getting some good use from this.


Well I think I have just about covered all my thoughts on this limited edition palette from Makeup Revolution, there are four more in the collection, Run Boy Run, What You Waiting For, Dia De Los Muertos and Welcome To The Pleasurdome. They are fantastic value at £6.00. Want to check them out? Then click HERE and while you are there Makeup Revolution have just released their new brand I Heart Makeup, take a look and see what you think.

Thank you for stopping by and reading today lovely people, I hope you have a great weekend!




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