I Feed My Face With Breakfast Cereal!!!!

Hello Lovely People!

Yes I really do feed my face with breakfast cereal, and you won’t believe which breakfast cereal it is. Maybe porridge oats? Well porridge is very good for the skin, but it’s not porridge. It’s WEETABIX!! I saw this fantastic face mask recipe on twitter from the brilliant Jade Elliott. Jade is an absolute mine of amazing beauty tips and tricks, she is a celebrity fashion stylist and beauty editor and has a brilliant blog Style and Stilettos, which you can follow on Bloglovin HERE, anyhow let me share with you her recipe for  super soft skin. 


Take 1/2 a Weetabix, crush into a bowl.

1 tablespoon clear honey

1 tablespoon natural yogurt

Mix all the ingredients together and leave to stand for a few minutes to allow the weetabix to soak up the yogurt and honey so that it becomes thick. Apply to the face and relax for 15 minutes. Rinse off with cool water.

I have tried this twice now and I love it. My skin is left soft and smooth and moisturised. Delicious food for my skin! So what do you do with the other half of Weetabix? Simple, I just added another whole one to a bowl added natural yogurt and some honey and ate it for breakfast. Delicious food for my tummy!

Thank you Jade for this super face mask recipe. Follow Jade on Twitter for loads of  beauty tips @Jadeelliott85

Let me know if you try this face mask and what you thought of it, and thank you for stopping by today!





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